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I have recently been using Dior Show Mascara, I have seen this mascara many times when christmas shopping but never picked one up. Luckily when opening my gifts from family this gorgeous mascara appeared, I could not believe it as I have seen this product many times recently when shopping online and going to the shops. As soon as I receive anything beauty related for christmas I have to try the product out.

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Big fat chunky, bristly brushes are good for people who want a lot of volume and curl. I would recommend using this product if you are looking for having fuller looking lashes. Dior has said this product will give you a lash extension effect. Here is what Dior has to say about the product;

‘In 2015, Diorshow, the professional Dior Backstage mascara, is being renewed. Its new-generation formula enriched with microfibres optically reproduces the effect of lash extensions used by runway makeup artists.
Its patented AIR-LOCK™ wiper prevents the formula from being in contact with the air, keeping the mascara from drying in the tube, for fresh application, day after day.’

The Mascara colour I am using is PRO BLACK.  Price £25.50 – Click To Purchase

Recently I have had troubles with growing my eyelashes back after having individuals lashes put in, no matter when getting them taken off professionally or myself some of my eyelashes fall out. Thankfully my eyelashes are now back and fuller, I have been applying castor oil on my lashes, it is capable of preventing them from breaking and can help the growth of your eyelashes. I feel that the majority of women purchase a mascara to get fuller/longer lashes, I would highly recommend using castor oil. I will add some links of castor oil I use, It is safe to use around the eyes when applying carefully with a cue tip/cotton bud.


Castor Oil No1
Castor Oil No2

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