How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

how to clean your makeup brushes

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Hi Everyone, Today I wanted to share with you on how I clean my makeup brushes, I try to do this once a week with the brushes I use everyday. With the brushes I rarely use, I tend to clean them when I know that I have to use them. I love to have my brushes feeling soft, I use to get worried that my brushes would get damaged by cleaning them but it is so important to sanitise your makeup tools. Especially when using for foundation, this can make your brush become dry and then gradually will make the application more hard to blend and can make your foundation to appear more caked and not so fresh looking. I believe it helps keep breakouts away, makeup brushes can hold bacteria which is not good so trying to avoid germs by cleaning your brushes can help keep those spots away!


You can buy products that clean your makeup brushes but if you haven’t got time for that or want to use what you have at home then, I would to share with you how I clean my brushes at home.


I would suggest running your brushes under lukewarm water making sure you are getting most of the product off. Then I would fill a bowel with Lukewarm water and squirt some shampoo into the water, I personally like to use a shampoo with no harsh chemicals. I use Simple – Kind To Hair Shampoo. I would also recommend a gentle shampoo like a baby shampoo.

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I would gently swirl the brush tip into the water, this will help get all the products out without damaging your brush. If you feel that your brush still has product on it, You can empty the bowel at repeat the steps until you feel like all the makeup is out of the brush.

After this I would run my brush under the tap with lukewarm water again to rinse out the shampoo. I would take a clean flannel or towel, whatever works best for you, gently drying the brushes as I am reshaping the bristles on the brush into place. I would place my brushes on top of the flannel and leaving them to air dry. I like cleaning my brushes at night so I when I wake up they are dry, so no waiting about! .. Happy Days.

If you would like to buy a product that will help scrub your brushes clean, you may heard of these cleansing palettes that are used to deep cleanse your brushes. I myself have not yet purchased one of these, but I am willing too as the reviews are all positive and by what people are saying, it can save you time!!


Care for your makeup brushes with Real Techniques’ Brush Cleansing Palette £10.39 RRP £12.90, a lightweight cleansing pad with exclusive multi-surfaces for enhanced deep cleaning. – Real Techniques. 

Crafted from performance-grade silicone, and designed ergonomically to fit comfortably over your hand, the palette’s raised surface helps sweep away makeup, oil and impurities from between the bristles, allowing your brushes to deliver truer, more consistent colour upon next use. Cleans brushes 55% better.* –

Thanks for reading!

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