Lush Fragrance By Hannah

Hello, I wanted to share with you guys today about fragrances that I have been trying out recently, I came across @lushfragrancebyhannah on Instagram she re creates your favourite fragrance at a cheaper price. I chose flower bomb which is a pretty popular fragrance worldwide and number 442. They are both musk but sweet fragrances and would personally wear in the evening time. Flower bomb smells like baby powder mixed with musk it is a very girly sweet fragrance and can see why it is so popular. 442 is musk as well but not so sweet, great if you love a strong long lasting fragrance. I would say that these perfumes are 100% long lasting. I sprayed 20 (flowerbomb) in the morning and when I came home in the evening my room smelt lovely.

I personally like to spray my fragrances in the air and walk into them haha, sounds crazy right? I don’t like to directly put them onto my skin as like my hair smelling of the scent too. I have a great tip if you want lovely smelling hair. Spray your fragrance onto your hair brush and then brush your hair. This is a perfect way to get your hair smelling like your favourite perfume without damaging your hair by directly spraying it on your hair.

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