Searching for the best liquid lipstick!

Hello Everyone, I have been researching online for the best liquid lipsticks, I love using liquid lipstick to ordinary lipsticks as I find them more long lasting and the product does not come off after you eat or drink!

I recently purchased a soft matte creme liquid lipstick from Nyx in the colour ‘Stockholm’ I like nude/pink tones for an everyday look and this colour if perfect and you can glam it up for in the evening by applying a gloss over the top.

nyx liquid lipstick

This lip creme is £6 which is an amazing price compared to other liquid lipsticks out there. You can buy this product in Boots/Cult Beauty/Debenhams & many more stores and online websites. What I love about this product is that it is not too drying on the lips but I would always recomend you exfoliate your lips before applying or appyling a lip balm before just so the lipstick does not crack or look super dry.


Jeffree Star has a collection of velour liquid lipsticks which I have two of in the colour Gemini & Calabasas. These lipsticks are slightly more expensive at £16 which is a little pricey for a lipstick but its worth it if your looking for a good quality liquid lipstick! These lipsticks have a nice scent are smooth to apply and not too tacky or drying on the lips.




I love the Kylie Cosmetics Matte liquid lipstick, I have purchased the lip kit before and find it so handy that you get the matching colour lip liner. I find it so hard to find a lip liner  that matches my lipsticks so purchasing this was a life saver!

‘The Matte Liquid Lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip. The extremely long wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out’ – Kylie Cosmetics


You can also buy Matte singles with out the liner, which is more cheaper at $17/£12.13. Sadly you can only purchase these liquid lipsticks on Which you have to pay abit extra for shipping if you are out of the states.

All three of these liquid lipsticks I am pleased with and would definalty recommend if you are looking for a new liquid lipstick or if you havent try out one and looking to purchase one. I tend to stick with lighter colours when using a liquid lipstick just because I personally prefer the way it looks wearing nude/pink & brownish tones.

Georgina ox

What facial cleansing wipes I use to remove makeup

Hello Everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, today I wanted to share with you the makeup remover wipes I am currently using. My skin was looking and feeling so bad the last couple of weeks, I have been trying out different products to help my skin clear. I feel that cleansing wipes are a big part to blame for my skin breakouts, some wipes I was previously using would dry out my skin and make it feel and look dull.

I love to use wipes that have some moisture in them and contain natural ingredients to help my skin. I first started off by purchasing simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes. Simple are rated no 1 uk skincare brand, so I thought I would give this product a go. No artificial perfume or colour – no harsh chemicals that can upset your skin. I think this is a great product if you have sensitive skin or want to give your skin a break from harsh chemicals. Personally I felt as if this product didn’t help my skin, it made my face feel tight and dry after removing my makeup. I think that some sort of moisturiser added to these wipes would make it 100% better. For example aloe Vera,it’s natural and super hydrating. After exfoliating and cleansing my skin I have been using aloe Vera gel as a moisturiser. I didn’t want to use anything that had harsh chemicals. I had those little bumps over my forehead and was so confused of why I couldn’t get rid of them. But I have made sure to exfoliate at least once a week and has helped a lot to un clog those pores !! I cleanse my skin everyday but sometimes you need to get rid of those dead skin cells.

I have now been using L’Oreal fine flowers cleansing wipes ( rose & lotus) they are more expensive than the simple wipes but I love how they make my skin feel. They have so much moisture containing sweet almond oil and they smell divine. I don’t mind my cleansing wipes having a fragrance as they don’t irritate my skin. Rose & Lotus are great for the skin also, I love using products that contains plant /flower ingredients . You get 25 wipes in a packet, I use a full wipe at night and cleanse my face and in the morning I like to rip one in half and use just to make sure all dirt and oil is off my face after washing my face.

I like to apply a lip balm after removing my makeup off for the day and before applying my makeup. I am currently using Nivea hydro care balm this is a great product. If your looking for something that’s more intense and will help nourish your skin quicker, I would recommend Vaseline, I sometimes apply this on my lashes too, it helps them grow! 🙂

Thank you for reading and I hoped this has helped you if your looking for new skincare products!

Georgina xo

My Favourite Mascaras To Get Long Lashes

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share with you some of my favourite mascaras that work well with my lashes. When it comes to my lashes I like them to appear longer and darker, I tend to choose a black or an extreme black colour, if you wanting a subtle natural colour a brown will be best or if you want to go all out, a blue mascara on the bottom lashes can always style up your look and will go great with a blue eyeshadow.


Years ago I purchased a mascara at the airport when I was on my way home from the united states, The Loreal telescopic mascara  made my lashes look super long and is the best mascara I have ever used thats a drug store product.


 This mascara is still on the market for £10.99 which is not bad at all considering this does wonders to my eyelashes, I do not have to apply lashes when using this mascara and is great to wear during the day! The mascara brush is great for getting all your lashes covered as its thin brush lifts every single one!

Dior Forever Mascara

My favourite high-end mascara has to be my Dior show time mascara, this has a big brush which makes it quicker to apply and I love the way they make my lashes look, I like using this mascara on special occasions or if I am going on a night out. I like doing this as its on the pricey side for a mascara costing £25.50. For extra lift you can also get the Diorshow Maximizer 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer. You can use this before applying your mascara to intensify its effects.


Benefit has a lovely mascara called They’re Real, this mascara is perfect if you wanting your lashes super long and full looking, costing £20.50 is not far off from a high end mascara but depending on how you want your lashes to look, this will be ideal for you if you love a thin mascara brush that achieves maximum volume, long-wearing with a glossy formula.


I don’t really use a mascara primer before applying my mascara, I am always curious if they actually work, if you apply a primer on first let me know on your thoughts on them and if I should purchase one!

To make my lashes appear more longer, my tips would be to curl your lashes before applying, only apply a thin line of eyeliner and apply a light shadow, this will make your lashes stand out. I feel adding a thick line of eyeliner hides my lashes and thats when I go for the false lashes lol.


If you are wanting to grow your lashes, I will always recommend coconut oil and castor oil, I did a blog post previously if you want to check out my blog!

Thank you for taking time reading my blog post and I hope this helped you if you are looking for a new mascara. I will only post about items I truly love and would 100% recommend these products.


Hey Everyone! Today I want to share with you some great products which I have and that I think are great all year round. I want to start off by sharing with you a perfect product which leaves my skin glowing and never fails to disappoint! This is the Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body. A great  product to highlight your skin, a great trick for an all over ‘slimmer shimmer’ look. 


This products is known to be loved by the Victoria Secret models and also Kim Kardashian. I love wearing this product if I am going on a night out and definatly on HOLIDAY!


Supermodel Body costs £45 which Is on the pricey side but if you dont mind paying a little extra to get that GORGEOUS Glow, then its definatly worth it! I dont use it every day only on special occasions or holiday and only need to apply on areas I want to highlight. I highlight my collar bone, shoulders and my legs. You can apply this on your face too, I apply a little on my nose & cheek bones.



For my eyeshadow, I have recently been using my ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette. This has many pretty shades that can give you a GLOWISH look!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 16.33.22

These eyeshadows are great qaulity and easy to blend and apply, they are soo smooth and with a blending brush does wonders! If you want that GLOWISH look then I would stick to the browns and shimmers, maybe a hint on the bottom centre red/brown colour to intensify your crease.

Jennifer Lopez Glowish Makeup

Laura Mercier have some gorgeous face Illuminator that gives you the Perfect JLO Glow look which Im really into!

Glowing skin just got made easy thanks to this insanely beautiful powder. Use a fluffy make-up brush to dust the illuminating formula over all raised points including cheek and brow bones and shoulders. The long-lasting powder gives skin the prettiest hint of colour and looks just beautiful on sun-kissed skin. Pop one in your beach bag for a bit of pre-Mojito beauty prep.

 This face illuminator gives such a pretty highlight and you can get a palette of theirs which is designed for all skin tones which are great for makeup artists, but you can buy the indvidual ones if you are only wanting one highlighter!


New and improved eyeshadow packaging from KIKO Cosmetics and I love! Kiko cosmetics have been a favourite of mine when it comes to SHIMMER Eyeshadows and with their new-ish range of eyeshadows are making me want to purchase a few! You can check out KIKO Cosmetics by clicking the link. I think their prices are not bad at all. This palette below is £9 which is great considering the packaging is beautiful and the eyeshadows always have great pigment.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 16.49.09.png

Let me know if you can recommened some great products that give that BRONZED GLOW as I am always on the hunt for trying out different products!

Thanks for reading !!

Georgina xox


How To Plump Your Lips – Get Fuller Lips

Hi Loves, I want to share with you some great tips on how to make your lips look more plumper.
There are many ways you can achieve fuller lips, right at home! Whether its for everyday or special occasions, I always use these beauty tricks when needed.


Fuller lips are the most popular beauty feature right now but there are ways to make your lips plumped naturally without injections. I like enhancing my own lips that still appear natural, so if you’re looking to make a small natural difference thats going make your lips stand out a bit more then I have some ideas that may help you.

Lip scrubs

I love using a lip scrub as it exfoliates your lips getting rid of dead skin, making your lips super smooth also using a scrub will help increase blood-flow to your lips giving you a nice natural plumper lip. This is what I use if I’m going on a night out before applying my makeup. Jeffree Star Cosmetics have a lovely lip scrub in flavour candy, its safe if some of the product goes in your mouth but try not to sallow the product. This products smells lovely and does the job. This product is available on BeautyBay for £12.


If you don’t want to splash out some money for a lip scrub there are other ways, like home remedies! You can take your tooth brush and brush your lips in circular motions with some water, this helps increase blood-flow and get rid of dead and rough skin or you can take some sugar. Yes Sugar! This works just as good as a scrub and you can apply some oil with it, I would recommend coconut oil as this can be a good moisturiser and will help the sugar stick to the lips.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous you can take some Cinnamon, if you can take the tingling feeling, you can mix this with an oil also, which help your lips feel smooth and plumped.

Lip Liner

When it comes to makeup, for my lips I like to take a concealer and apply a little on my lips making sure its blended properly using a damp beauty blender this will help you re create your lip line when using a lip liner. I love using a brown, nude lip liner as this will give an illusion of a fuller lip. I would make the cupids bow a tiny bit higher then what they were and then for the sides of my lips I would follow my natural lip line. You don’t want to over line the sides as this will make it very obvious.


I want to share with you some youtube videos to give you a bit more of an idea of what I’m talking about lol. The Lip liner I currently use is MAC Lip Liner in the colour Spice, For lipstick I like using MAC Velvet teddy, Moisturising, Smells gorgeous and it is a beautiful colour!

If you are not into lip liner as much you can use a highlighter and applying a tiny bit on the cupids bow, this will help define your lips and make them stand out more. Even a lip gloss instantly gives you more of a fuller lip!

Lip kits


Lip kits are great and can you dont have to worry about finding the right lipstick colour to go with your lip liner and they already come together! You have probably heard of Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. I have one myself and must say it does the trick giving you a matte fuller lip and is long lasting. What I would recommend when using the lip kit is applying a little vaseline over the top once dried just to give you some moisture as they can be very dry. I do like Jeffree star velour liquid lipstick as they are more moisturising, smell good and cheaper!


I hope this post has helped you, if you have any recommendations please feel free to comment below!


Thanks for reading!



Hello Everyone, Today I wanted to share with you some great false eyelashes that I would recommend. I normally wear false eyelashes if I am going on a night out, a meal or for special occasions. I think they can really make your eyes stand out and can put a whole eye look together. I have a different range of Lashes from natural to full and wispy. Some lashes I have purchased are around £20 and lashes that are little as £4 and are just as good! It all depends on what style you like and what suits you best.


My go-to lashes would be Lily Lashes in the style GODDESS. I adore these lashes, they have a nice full wispy effect and are perfect for all eye shapes. I would defiantly use these lashes if I am creating a dramatic glam makeup look. I personally cut my lashes to fit my eye as they can be too long, making my eye appear droopy looking. I make sure to cut the end of the false lashes where the longer hairs are as this blends better with your own lashes. I am wearing the Goddess eyelashes in the featured image on this blog post.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 13.28.18

Seen on stars like Khloe Kardashian the Goddess lash is every girls go to daytime lash. If natural glam is your go-to style these lashes are definitely for you. Mimicking a natural lash formation, the Goddess Luxury Mink Lashes accentuate all eye shapes creating a wispy look. The unique criss-cross pattern works to blend seamlessly with your natural hairs for effortlessly flawless beauty. – Lily Lashes


Lily lashes are around the £20 mark, If you’re looking for something more cheaper and still great quality I would like to share with you a pair of lashes by the House Of Lashes in the style siren, costing £12. I love these lashes as they are not too full but still give a dramatic look. Perfect lashes if you want to show off your eyeshadow and fit all eye shapes. 100% handmade using human hair so will blend perfectly with your natural lashes!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 13.39.38.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 13.39.54.png

If your looking for great lashes under £5 then I have found the most lovely lashes, I have purchased many pairs over the last few years and never fail to please me. These lashes are by Red Cherry Lashes in the style WISPY, costing only £4.99! They are super easy to apply and work well with any glue and are bendable. I prefer lashes that are bendable as they are so much easier to apply and I do not have to fuss about trying to stick them down. The lash glue brand I use is Duo, a great glue that dries quickly and keeps the lashes on all day but of course, I do bring the glue out with me just in case, better to be safe than sorry lol.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 13.55.40.png

For more of a natural look, if I do decide to wear lashes in the day, I love Ardell Accent Lashes, these are £4.49 and lashes that I apply to the ends of my own lashes, these create an elongated eye for me and enhance your own lashes showing off the natural beauty of your eyes! I am wearing these lashes shown in the image below.


Snapchat – Kourtney Kardashian Inspired Makeup Look


Here are a few more eyelashes that I have used & that I wear abroad.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 14.07.33.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 14.04.59.png

If you are looking for that perfect glue, I have attached a link below where I purchase my DUO Glue. (CLICK HERE)

Thanks For Reading!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 19.43.35


P.S If you have any recommendations for me that you think I might love, feel free to comment below! 😀



Hey Everyone! Today I came across a new-ish product that was released in December by Too Faced! I can’t believe that I have only just seen this product. How amazing does it look on the skin!? This is first time I have seen a glitter face mask on the market and I am impressed, What do you guys think?

Too Faced Co Founder & CCO posted an image on his Instagram page with quote

 “I’ve wanted to do a glitter mask for more than 5 years but the science just wasn’t ready. I’m so happy to tell you that Glow Job is almost here! It’s the most amazing radiance boosting and exfoliating peel-off mask I’ve ever used—and it’s infused with REAL glittering gold⭐️. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and makeup ready—and it’s begging for a selfie. #tfglowjob #toofaced “

This product is called Glow Job, A radiance-boosting glitter face mask, infused with real gold?! I suppose this face make is fun to use as well as helping your skin look unreal! I defiantly want to purchase this product as I love trying out different face masks that are on the market. When I purchase this product, I will make sure to do a review for you guys 😀

 The packaging for GlowJob mask is simply gorgeous, sooo pretty! Too Faced are known for having such cute packaging.


This is on the market for $42 which is about £30.30. I suppose this mask is on the pricey side as you can get pretty cheaper masks out there that are very good and does the job. If you have any recommendations for great face masks please comment below as I would love to hear what masks you use.

I am really into sheet masks at the moment as they are easy to use and keep your face moisturised.

The Brand Star Skin has a great line of sheet masks which are cheaper at £8.50 and you can re-use. The mask showing below is wonderful for people who suffer with having blemishes & visible pores, this can instantly calm redness and relieve irritation.





How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 19.41.17.png

Hi Everyone, Today I wanted to share with you on how I clean my makeup brushes, I try to do this once a week with the brushes I use everyday. With the brushes I rarely use, I tend to clean them when I know that I have to use them. I love to have my brushes feeling soft, I use to get worried that my brushes would get damaged by cleaning them but it is so important to sanitise your makeup tools. Especially when using for foundation, this can make your brush become dry and then gradually will make the application more hard to blend and can make your foundation to appear more caked and not so fresh looking. I believe it helps keep breakouts away, makeup brushes can hold bacteria which is not good so trying to avoid germs by cleaning your brushes can help keep those spots away!


You can buy products that clean your makeup brushes but if you haven’t got time for that or want to use what you have at home then, I would to share with you how I clean my brushes at home.


I would suggest running your brushes under lukewarm water making sure you are getting most of the product off. Then I would fill a bowel with Lukewarm water and squirt some shampoo into the water, I personally like to use a shampoo with no harsh chemicals. I use Simple – Kind To Hair Shampoo. I would also recommend a gentle shampoo like a baby shampoo.

pout lips

I would gently swirl the brush tip into the water, this will help get all the products out without damaging your brush. If you feel that your brush still has product on it, You can empty the bowel at repeat the steps until you feel like all the makeup is out of the brush.

After this I would run my brush under the tap with lukewarm water again to rinse out the shampoo. I would take a clean flannel or towel, whatever works best for you, gently drying the brushes as I am reshaping the bristles on the brush into place. I would place my brushes on top of the flannel and leaving them to air dry. I like cleaning my brushes at night so I when I wake up they are dry, so no waiting about! .. Happy Days.

If you would like to buy a product that will help scrub your brushes clean, you may heard of these cleansing palettes that are used to deep cleanse your brushes. I myself have not yet purchased one of these, but I am willing too as the reviews are all positive and by what people are saying, it can save you time!!


Care for your makeup brushes with Real Techniques’ Brush Cleansing Palette £10.39 RRP £12.90, a lightweight cleansing pad with exclusive multi-surfaces for enhanced deep cleaning. – Real Techniques. 

Crafted from performance-grade silicone, and designed ergonomically to fit comfortably over your hand, the palette’s raised surface helps sweep away makeup, oil and impurities from between the bristles, allowing your brushes to deliver truer, more consistent colour upon next use. Cleans brushes 55% better.* –

Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 19.43.35

Boho Chic Style For Summer 2018

Hi Everyone, I’ve have been looking online for ideas what to wear for summer this year. Forever 21 have some amazing clothing which has a boho chic look I’m really into at the moment.

Hopefully England will have a nice summer this year. Cute leather or suede jackets can help style up your outfit which has a boho chic feel and are perfect to wear in the summer and winter. I’m really into hats at the moment and would love to start wearing them more. Below I have found two hats that I am thinking of purchasing at some point. They are cute and can easily style up an outfit. Black jeans, a leather jacket and a cute top will be perfect to go with the hats below.

ASOS High Crown Wool Baker Boy Hat

ASOS Felt Panama Hat With Plait Braid Trim With Size Adjuster

I always check on Zara from time to time as they have some cute tops which have a boho chic look. All their last year summer clothing are on sale at the moment so it’s a great time to buy some good quality clothing for a bargain!

Floral High Low Dress – Forever 21

I love this dress that I found on forever 21 and think it will be perfect on a summers day with sandals or Ankle boots. To style up in the evening I would wear sandals heels.

Shark bite Denim Dungarees – Forever 21 I love this dungarees and will defiantly be purchasing to wear for the summer, you can also wear a cream roll neck top to go under this if you wanted to change it up a bit.

If you have any ideas or know some great websites where you can buy boho chic clothing please comment below, would love to hear your tips.

How cute are these sunglasses! I think these definitely have a bohemian feel to them & only $5! I found these on sunglass spot. Click here to purchase they have these sunglasses in various colours too.

If you don’t mind spending a little more on your clothing, have some beautiful clothing that are unique boho and bohemian style.

Brown Copper Eyes Makeup Look

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to share this look with you that I created, I love a brown eyeshadow and thought why not try a Brown Copper eyeshadow to create something that will make my eyes stand out and pop!

I like to start off by using a concealer and apply this all over my eye lid. To make sure it blends well, I use a damp beauty blender this just evens the product out and stops the concealer drying too quickly. After applying the concealer, I then take a cream/white eyeshadow and apply all over my lid, this sets the concealer and will help smooth out the eyeshadows that I apply on after.


I applied a light brown into my crease this will help put the eye look together and define my eyes. I use a blending brush to blend the product out as I want to get rid of any harsh lines.

In the centre of my lid, I applied an eyeshadow from KIKO Cosmetics, I love their eyeshadows they are so pretty and good quality for the price! The one I used is Arctic Holiday Eyeshadow Palette.

ARCTIC HOLIDAY Eyeshadow Palette 01

Each palette contains three different finishes: metallic, satin and matte. The highlighter eyeshadow is offered in two shades, to create different personalised looks every time, thanks also to wet & dry use. – KIKO

I used the middle eyeshadow using a flat brush, to make the product more pigmented I used my MAC Fix + spray to make the brush damp and lightly dabbed on to my eye lid. I then got a medium brown eyeshadow and blended this into my crease just to put the whole eye look together. Then applied some eyeliner in my water line and my Dior show mascara.


ARCTIC HOLIDAY Eyeshadow Palette 01

This is such a Beautiful Palette and can switch it up. The first eyeshadow to the left, I think will be perfect to highlight your eye lid, adding into the centre, inner corner of the eye and a little bit under the brow arch. The last eyeshadow to the right is such a beautiful wine colour and will be nice to use for a smokey eye, I would use a dark brown and black eyeshadow to go with this colour.

To finish off the look I used my MAC Lipliner in the colour spice and Sugar bomb Lipgloss from Benefit.

Ball Chain Choker                                Cami Bodysuit