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Hi Loves,

This blog post is about LOA ‘Law Of Attraction’, I recently purchased this amazing journal   by Rhonda Byrne Called Secret Gratitude Book 

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This Gratitude Book has helped me so much to think about the things I have in my life now which I am grateful for. Everyday I write down the things I am thankful for feeling a deep sense of Gratitude.

There is another page which allows you to write your intentions, you can use this to  attract what you want to bring into your reality. To do this I would write down what I would like to manifest as if I already have it and then thanking the universe for what it has brought to me.

It is so important for me to have Gratitude, it just makes you appreciate and realise how much positive things you have already got in your life.

It creates a positive attitude which then lifts your mood, makes you instantly happier just by being thankful. There is no doubt about it that being nice and positive lifts your spirits. I would highly recommend this book if you want to focus on the positives and to use the Law Of Attraction.

With my experiences, I have learnt that before manifesting something into my life and what I would love to have, I will have to let it go and surrender, not to force and hold on to it. Letting what you want go and simply going with the flow in life is so important. You may be disappointed if you do not see any results if you do not surrender, This can be why you are not manifesting anything into your life as you may be blocking it from coming your way. Believe as if you already have it, let it go and trust the universe to do the rest.

I want to show you some videos I watch on Youtube which I think will help you understand more about the Law Of Attraction and how to use it. Jake Ducey videos are great and so inspirational. Hope you Enjoy 🙂

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